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I decide to write this article for the main purpose to collect solved problems of errors occuring during Django development project.

Error 1:

TypeError: Field ‘id’ expected a number but got datetime.datetime(2020, 3, 14, 8, 28, 56, 265918, tzinfo=<UTC>)

Question: What happened ?

I need to add the new fields showed in the picture below(user and cover_pic) in file. The first one(user) I wanna make relationship between Post table and User table. Of course this field(user) requires ForeignKey, but it isn’t the point, and the last one is cover_pic field used to upload images to show a featured image for my blog post.

I added 2 fields; user and cover_pic in Post table

Problem: When running the command “python migrate” I suddenly got the error “TypeError: Field ‘id’ expected a number but got datetime.datetime…

the error I got

Then I decide to browse to migrations directory containing 3 files;, 0002_auto_2020.., and the last one on the left hand side, just wanna make sure what happened in these fields. I Clicked on 0002_auto_2020.. file

migrations directory

Now I can see what happened. Focusing on the first parameter of each field, it stores datetime value. Indeed, it should not be datetime, it should be an integer value instead.

So I removed, then replace 1 to the default parameter → default=1.

run → python migrate

Job done!! No worries anymore, the problem is gone away. I can sleep well now ;)

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See you next error !!

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