Best 10 Python Websites/Blogs in 2022

3 min readSep 4, 2022


Python has been dominating the programming world for a decade. Countless resources are available over the internet as its immense popularity.

According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022, videos (YouTube) and websites /blogs are on top of others, in terms of popular online learning resources.

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022

Thus, keeping your eyes focused on some of the best so much matters.

Based on my own Python learning experience starting almost five years ago. I’ve been searching, browsing, and reading from a large number of websites.

In this article, I’m pleased to share the top 10 Python programming websites or blogs you should add to your bookmark list in 2022.

The following are: 5 indicators why these Python blogs below are best in the top 10

  1. Quality: They should have high-quality contents
  2. Reliability: They should be reliable
  3. Frequency: They must update their blog posts frequently
  4. Readability: Their blogging design and writing styles must be easy to read and understand
  5. Quantity: They should have articles or tutorials enough to be considered in the list

#10. Python Programming (aka, Sentdex)

Note: SimilarWeb is the tool that I use to get monthly traffic data.


#8. GeeksforGeeks

#7. W3School

#6. Tutorialspoint

#5. Programiz

#4. Towarddatascience

#3. DigitalOcean

#2. Freecodecamp

#1. Realpython


There has no 100% best, each website has its strengths, and target audience. Whether you will agree with the list above or not. At least, you would get awesome lists of sites you could keep in your browser bookmark for your next reading lists.

Reading is not enough to master Python. Getting your hand dirty on real-world projects and practicing more and more are the keys to succeed.

“What are your favorite Python programming blogs and why? Feel free to share me in the comment section below. ”

Enjoy learning, happy reading, and have a wonderful day.

Sonny STP, Stackpython Editor

Contact (Instagram): sonny_stp